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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Robert Kaye
Published September 9, 2005

Music Network

Back in the late 1970s rock and rollers like Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan and Supertramp topped the American charts. Staid stuff, admittedly, especially in comparison to the Swedish experimental ensemble Archimedes Badkar. This CD includes remastered tracks from the group's third album (Tre, 1977) and bonus tracks from its second (Archimedes Badkar II, 1975). Incorporating jazz, world music (before it had such an appellative), free-form improvisation, dervish-like grooves, Archimedes Badkar was indeed ahead of its time -- by decades, not just years. Imagine Sun Ra, King Crimson, Ivo Papasov and Paul Winter Consort all joining together for a no-holds barred jam. That's the sort of stuff Archimedes Badkar was creating in its heady days. For those of us previously unfamiliar with the group, this album is delightfully dumbfounding -- who would've imagined such a forward-thinking, eclectic and boundless ensemble was making music like this? Each song is remarkably different than the other, traversing lands afar re: genre and instrumentation.