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DJ Mike Cole

Published April 7, 2006


Considering our interesting times, it’s little wonder that chillout-session CDs have begun to crowd record store shelves. In such an inundated field, though, getting noticed is as hard as, well, finding a legal parking space in midtown Manhattan at noon. Beautiful packaging helps: a half-dressed woman on the cover doesn’t hurt. A good mix, though, really keeps ’em hooked. DJ Mike Cole hits a triple with Café Des Artistes, named for the Hollywood club where he rules the night. His nonstop mix steps out righteously with Desmond Williams’s dub “Dread a the Roughest.” Cole keeps the vibe fluid with a touch of the barrio (the Ballastic Barrio Boom mix of D*Note’s “The Garden Of Earthly Delights”), Rio (no spin would be complete without Suba, Zuco 103 and Fila Brazillia), Barcelona (BitCrusher’s “Flamingos”) and London (Mr. Scruff’s “Honeydew”). Cole’s collection isn’t as worldly as last year’s Zen And The Art Of Chilling, but his steady flow provides the perfect backdrop as the first barbecue of the season comes to a lazy close.