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Celtic Pop-Rock Duo Gypsy Soul Signs with Pen Music
Published April 6, 2006

Gypsy Soul, the Celtic/Americana duo from Issaquah, WA, have signed a worldwide co-publishing/co-venture deal with Los Angeles-based PEN Music Group, Inc.


April 4, 2006 (Issaquah, WA) -- Gypsy Soul, the Celtic/Americana duo from Issaquah, WA, have signed a worldwide co-publishing/co-venture deal with Los Angeles-based PEN Music Group, Inc. The announcement coincides with a tour starting on April 20, which takes the duo - singer Cilette Swann and producer Roman Morykit - to packed theaters in four western states. "Cilette Swann's voice is haunting and Roman Morykit's musicianship is superb; their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit," Monica Rizzo of PEOPLE ® Magazine writes. "The next Sarah McLachlan or spiritual descendent of Roxy Music, their music is mesmerizing," Music Connection agrees.

Gypsy Soul, inspired and influenced by the likes of Peter Gabriel, Bonnie Raitt, Daniel Lanois, Ray Charles and Tears For Fears - to name only a few, have managed to sell nearly 85,000 CDs without any outside record label or radio support. The duo are still referred to as one of the few true success stories of the original Gypsy Soul generated almost 1.5 million downloads from their site. Cilette recounts, "To find our audience, we chose to take our music to the internet and to the streets. For about six years, we bought booth spaces on weekends at most of the arts and wine festivals on the West Coast." Roman remembers, "We'd perform about 12 mini sets each day, meeting wonderful people and signing CDs in-between playing. This was poor man's radio play and it was the best marketing and learning experience of our lives. We no longer perform on the streets, but these same fans now support us when we tour in their cities, playing concerts at their Performing Art Centers."

The two met in Scotland and have traveled the world together for 13 years. The duo has lived in five different countries, bringing to their music the influences of many cultures. Gypsy Soul's inspiration also stems from their diverse family roots: Roman is British, of Italian and Ukrainian decent, while Canadian-born Cilette's heritage is Irish and South African. Gypsy Soul's lush and sensual, largely acoustic sound has been called 'Gourmet Music for Music Lovers'. Their unique blending of Americana, Celtic and Roots influences heard both in their unforgettable live shows and on their acclaimed CDs, has earned this independent band legions of devoted fans internationally and over 100 airings of their songs on national TV shows and films.

"Our sound is really the marriage of our cultural roots, our life experience and our musical tastes," Roman explains. "People say our eclectic sound and style of writing is undeniably original." Cilette adds, " I think we have come into our own as writers and performers and there is no better high than knowing that you have touched people deeply with your words or performance. Our fans are true music lovers whose tastes are not catered to at commercial radio."

Autumn 2006 will witness the official release of "Beneath The Covers", the first ever Gypsy Soul covers album, which includes acoustic roots versions of famous songs from their favorite artists. The list contains songs originally recorded by Peter Gabriel, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, U2, Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart and others.

Michael Eames, President of PEN Music Group, Inc., is enthusiastic about the freshly inked deal. "It's been amazing to see Gypsy Soul blossom as much as they have over the last ten or so years," he comments. "Years ago they chose not to pursue the major label avenue and set up their own operation to handle all aspects of their career. Now with them approaching 85,000 albums sold independently over a catalogue of seven albums, we felt it was the right time to specifically invest in their future, especially given the current state of the industry and the rise of the independents."

Gypsy Soul will hit the road on April 20 for a headlining mini-tour, taking these<