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Published March 24, 2006

Ark 21

The five-member Paris Combo travels incessantly, touring heavily to promote their first three releases. Those lucky enough to catch their lively performances are instantly converted to their sly blend of Parisian jazz and lounge. To finish what they started, Live captures 14 songs recorded in seven cities in France. The Combo’s innovative playing and style have been apparent since day one, but this live recording permanently etches their jazzy ingenuity. The music, as always, is stunning, with David Lewis’ trumpet and piano, Mano Razanajato’s standup bass, Potzi’s guitar, Francois Jeannin’s percussion and drums, and Belle du Berry’s accordion creating an airy, appealing French club vibe.  But it is du Berry’s expressive voice that commands attention, as strong on this concert disc as on any of the group’s studio work.