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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion


By Stacy Meyn

Real World

Simon Emmerson and co. (a.k.a. the AfroCelts) return to remix their fourth album, Seed, as well as choice tracks from their decade-plus career. Presented as a DJ mix by founding member/guitarist/keyboardist Emmerson (who's also behind the Outernationalists), the two-CD POD includes James McNally on everything else, with longtime engineer/producer Mass. Disc one's audio tracks goose up the Sound System's already-finessed confection of West African and Irish styles, reworked by noted producers such as Rae and Christian, DJ Toshio and Masters at Work. Whistle, accordion, fiddle, piano and harmonium mix with vocals, keyboards and programming -- man and machine nestle in the POD seamlessly. You'll hear trance, break beats, Irish riffs and African vocalization, and it all works. Disc two's approximately 25 minutes of DVD tracks are comprised of footage from the AfroCelts' famed appearance at WOMAD USA 2001 in Seattle, and three videos. A gem is "When I'm Falling," which had been pulled from VH-1 for content during the week after 9/11.