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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Marie Elsie St. Léger
Published March 24, 2006

Music Detected

Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez, the worldbeat duo behind Deep Forest, return with their sixth album in 10 years. Like all of their projects, Music Detected incorporates the sounds and textures of different musical cultures, East and West. Music, however, includes few samples. Signature Deep Forest synths rage alongside electric guitars and the thumps of a genuine drum kit as Beverly Jo Scott (“Elemental”), Angela McCluskey and Chitose Hajime (“Will You Be Ready”) and Stefka Iordanova (“Endangered Species”) stretch their vocal cords to be heard above the resultant din. There are things to like on Music—Scott’s turn on “Elemental”; the midtempo pop dream “Deep Blue Sea” (featuring singer Anggun); “Will You Be Ready,” which features the soaring warblings of Japan’s Hajime above Eastern accents; and the synth-swirling, beat-heavy “Endangered Species” (the album cut, not the remix). But much of the album disappears behind Mouquet and Sanchez’s earnest reach for acoustic legitimacy: The opener “