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World Music CD Reviews Middle East & North Africa


By Vince Attard
Published March 17, 2006

Gypsy Killer
Knitting Factory Records

Gypsy Killer is a beating heart pumping out the restless Gypsy soul of Sanda Weigl’s native Bucharest in an exotic flow of song that runs the gamut from being gleefully tragic to solemnly silly. Avant-jazz neighbors from Weigl’s adopted home of New York City, including keyboardist and producer Anthony Coleman, serve as a balancing beam for her thunderous, mesmerizing and sinfully spooky vocal Gypnastics. While Weigl’s voice is undoubtedly the star here, a dark humor floating through makes the record so alluring. There is an almost absurd service-with-a-smile-like feel throughout such tracks as “Cintec din Oas,” a story about a poor sap of a man betrayed by all the world’s females, and “Butelcuta Mea,” one of two cuts celebrating that thing sometimes called booze. While Gypsy life and this testament to it aren’t all one big party, Gypsy Killer wanders pretty close.