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Published March 3, 2006

Lost In Paradise

Armik calls his style “Latin-gypsy-jazz,” a canvas of sound that is flamenco at its core and spattered with elements of rumba, cha cha cha, bolero and bossa nova on its edges. As the notes begin on the opener, “Barcelona Sunsets,” it’s instantly clear that Armik’s fingers will be the tour guide, showcasing all of the sights via the strumming of his guitar strings. The sightseeing is at its finest on moments like of “Bolero Passion,” with its sentimental overtones, and the snappy finger work pumping in the heart of “Treasures From Spain.” The most adventurous number, “Gypsy Love,” incorporates a dizzying array of styles that could be considered an adequate blueprint for the Armik sound. Most of this record treads the line between flaming grooves and gentle auditory seduction. Being able to neatly paint this fine line can be seen as seventh album maturity from an artist who will gladly be your guide for this 43-minute musical tour.