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Published March 3, 2006

Universal Music Latino

Enrique Iglesias has returned to his roots with a new Spanish-language album that will likely have those who have swooned before feeling weak in the knees again. This Grammy winner and pop star extraordinaire wrote and recorded this album while promoting his last English-language album. Quizás is a mix of amorous ballads and mid-tempo pop songs, only one a dancehall anthem, “No Apagues la Luz,” like those that have been Iglesias’ business since he broke onto the English scene. Instead, he has returned to the heart-wrenching love songs that have always been his hallmark and the desperate vocals that always convey that their owner is approaching his breaking point. The slick studio sound, which could easily be stock rhythms preprogrammed into any keyboard, does a bit to tame Iglesias’ feral vocals, though they seem to be begging to gallop into the sunset.