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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Michael Cowan
Published March 3, 2006

Far Out Recordings

What’s increasingly becoming known at MEB–“musica electronica brasileira”–gets another shot in its evolutionary arm with this collection from the British label Far Out. This disc displays how the movement is becoming more and more of an international phenomenon, with collaborations between musicians, producers and DJs from both inside and outside Brazil. The inspiration for this batch of beat-heavy club tracks is the percussive collective Grupo Batuque. Eleven tracks are given the remix treatment by a variety of Brazilian and international DJs, including Zero DB, Fauna Flash, Big Bang, Da Lata, Jamie Anderson, Viiper Squad and Masters at Work. While all of the tracks have a clubby feel, some tend toward the jazzy, while others, like Roc Hunter’s “A Lua Girou Girou,” based on a Milton Nascimento song, tend towards the trippier end of the spectrum. The collection works perfectly well as ambient background or as dance music. But anyone looking for the melodic complexity or lyrical depth typically associated with Brazilian music might best look elsewhere.