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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


By Tom Orr
Published March 3, 2006

Reaction Dub

The sound of the Revolutionary Dub Warriors is, quite simply, not as engaging as most of the artists affiliated with the British-based On-U Sound label, at least not on this reissued disc that first appeared in the early ’90s. On-U's attempts to bring dub and reggae to ever more cutting-edge realms are evident, but here those attempts consist mainly of immediate and incessant tinkering with the riddims, seldom allowing them the breathing room to pulsate on their own. Still, there are some good grooves here. The bass is a proper balance of phat and lean, the drums pack mostly the right punch, and when the effects are utilized judiciously, as on "Dub The E," the results are on the money. But the lion's share is uneven, with tracks like "Industrial" sounding very manufactured. It may be suitable to call this stuff "revolutionary," but it hardly sounds worth the fight.