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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Marie Elsie St. Léger
Published March 3, 2006

Far Out Recordings FARO

Brazilian Love Affair, lovingly and knowledgeably compiled by producer Joe Davis, showcases some of the best of urban Brazil. No samba or bossa nova rehash, this: The third of the Brazilian Love Affair series includes exclusive cuts previously unreleased (the techno-groove remix of Gogo-Kirk Degiorgio’s “A Nova Estrela”), inventive reworkings from Far Out Recordings’ bulging vaults (Friends From Rio 2’s “Escravos do jo” gets the treatment from international club trio De Lata) and visits from stalwarts of Brazil’s music charts (singer-songwriter Joyce contributes the slyly sexy “Samba de Silva,” and percussion supergroup Grupo Batuque pound some soul into “Taruma”). Although subtitled “The Essence of Brazilian Chill Out,” the collection offers more than laid-back grooves—passion imbues every cut, whether the artists fold hip-hop and techno vibes into homegrown pop, as does Max de Castro for “Pra Vfoce Lembrar,” or delve into Brazil’s rich musical history, like Os Ipanemas on the Roc Hunter remix “Icarai” (samba) or Nina and Chris on “Agua” (bossa nova). Not dancing would be a crime.