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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


By Judson Kilpatrick

Stay Focus

Sizzla Kalonji keeps up his record-making average of more than three albums a year with another scorching set full of conscious lyrics. He opens with the frenetic "Psalm 8" (that's the one that gives man dominion over all the beasts, fowl and fish). The song is charmingly credited to "King David under the inspiration of the Almighty," while Sizzla adds the exhortation, "We must never give up!" With Sizzla's longtime producer Phillip "Fattis" Burrell at the controls, the album moves from jumpy dancehall to classic reggae riddims, plus a few hip-hop/R&B influences like the beats on "Volume" and "We're The One's?" (sic). Fattis spices up the drum rolls of "Sound The Trumpet" with some great sound effects, softens "Thinking About You" with a female chorus and puts record-scratching noises in the title track. Sizzla keeps up a high energy pace throughout, though he's getting a bit wilder with his singing, not always staying in tune. And as good as "Jah Will Must Be Done" is, there are no standouts here like "Thank U Mamma."