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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion


By William Bloomhuff
Published February 17, 2006

Bar None/Lovecat Music Ahaon

The sounds of Lotus Lounge have been gathered from cities around the globe—Tel Aviv, Lausanne, Buenos Aires, Eindoven, etc. This carefully mixed collection of trance, world, dance, ambient and lounge features many up-and-coming artists, some whose music you may have heard already on TV and in film soundtracks. "Inshallah (Ya Salam),” from Israel’s Angel Tears, finds a danceable thinking man's groove with the help of some cool East-West instrumentation. The muted/Echoplex trumpet hovers nicely above the percussion-heavy "Global" by the E.Q.s. However, along with the inspired comes the tired and played out on Lotus Lounge 2.  Overall, it's pretty standard "pill and chill" fare with a few tracks holding up to repeated listening.