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World Music CD Reviews Asia & Far East


By Stacy Meyn
Published February 17, 2006

Sequoia Records

Sequoia Records celebrates 20 years of drums, gardens, fairies, serenity and sanctuary with Buddha-Lounge, "your destination for rejuvenation." Roedelius appears twice, first with the shimmering melodies and Indian warbling of "Poetry," then with "Glass From Jasper," which positively glistens. Gary Stadler and Stephannie offer Celtic crooning with sitar to Native American rhythm during "Dona Crei Tun," and trippy synth swirls and the potent vocals of Althea W. brighten "Abo Daylight." Drum N Space entertain in "The Audience," wrangling touches-o-funk and spare percussion. Sequoia faves David and Steve Gordon decorate their "Reverence" with "shaky" instruments and Native American flute, plus primitive tempos and chanting. Before you drop off the scope completely, Svensson busts a little electro with "In the Move," but with just enough swoosh and reed to be relaxing instead of riling. Compiled by DJs B. Foot and I.C. King, this meditative collection of Sequoia's own also makes all the right pro-eco moves, with cover and liner notes printed on recycled paper, using soy ink, and a portion of proceeds earmarked for the Rainforest Action Network.