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World Music CD Reviews Middle East & North Africa


By Sari Heifetz
Published February 17, 2006


Yair Dalal could be an extraordinary catalyst for change in the Middle East. The Iraqi-Israeli teams up with other Arab and Israeli musicians for his seventh recording, part of a series of albums in which Dalal embraces the Judeo-Arabic connection. Through his musical collaborations divided tribes are momentarily reunited. Songs and prayers of peace are sung in Hebrew and Arabic, amidst the desert sound of oud strings and ancient drums. Dalal's violin magically resounds with the intent to fuse all musical forms East to West and transcend the political, religious and social boundaries between Arabs and Jews. Dalal's music will hopefully harmonize the consciousness of the Middle East, replace seemingly timeless schisms with a sense of togetherness and influence socio-political problems through the medium of music.