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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion


By Paula Kirman
Published February 7, 2006

Tenth World
Motéma Music

Kevin Jones, known in the musical world as “Bujo,” is the leader of the New York-based ensemble that has created Tenth World. A percussionist with a Latin and African groove, Bujo emanates confidence and uses a variety of percussive instruments, the congas in particular.  While the music on Tenth Groove heavily leans in the direction of American jazz, there are underlying World influences. Bujo is the one who keeps it together, but the rest of the musicians in this ensemble are extremely talented and proficient, especially Brian Horton on sax, pianist Kevin Sholar, and flautist George Makinto from Liberia.  Jones and the others contributed to the songwriting on the eleven tracks of Tenth World, from R&B inspired “New Nation” to the African World beat of “Climb The Mountain.” Tenth World is modern jazz that crosses the boundaries between cultures.  A tight band and exuberant delivery has created a feast for the ears.