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Spanish Electronica Duo the Pinker Tones Set to Release U.S. Debut “The Million Colour Revolution” on March 7th
Published January 30, 2006

Animated “Sonido Total” is a featured video on Myspace's main video page.

The Pinker Tones is the brainchild of Barcelona natives Mister Furia and Professor Manso.   The group’s music is an eclectic and explosive cocktail mixing pop, funk, soul, bossa, break beat, swing, lounge, and psychedelia.  From the beginning, The Pinker Tones realized that their new project had fantastic potential; there was very positive energy during their initial recording sessions.  They begin to compose and produce like crazy in what has now become their new home: Pinkerland.  In this tiny rooftop studio in the center of Barcelona, they put together their first album, ‘Pink Connection’, which was released in 2003 with two maxi singles, “Mais Pourquoi?” and “One of Them”. The album was chosen for the FNAC New Talent Award in Europe which got the attention of foreign labels.        

The Pinker Tones inked a deal with UK label Outstanding Records to release their debut album worldwide under a new name: ‘The BCN Connection’.  Thanks to the fantastic videos for the singles “Mais Pourquoi?” and “Viva la Juventud”, The Pinker Tones started to appear regularly on MTV Europe and other channels around the world.  The video for “Mais Pourquoi?” spent 19 weeks in the top 20 on MTV Spain's Dance Floor Chart.  While all this was going on, The Pinker Tones didn't rest for a minute: they produced various albums and singles for Spanish and international bands, they composed a couple of film soundtracks (Sincopat & Survival Train) and they dedicated some of their time to experimenting with remixes.   But their main focus has been the second album, The Million Colour Revolution (March 7th – Nacional Records).  

                Professor Manso and Mister Furia have also developed a killer live show with the invaluable help of DJ Niño: The Pinker Tones DJ Crew, in which they combine the intensity of a rock band and the excitement of a DJ set.  The DJ Crew has taken them from Barcelona to such far away places as London, Caracas and Johannesburg.  Look for details of a Pinker Tones U.S. tour to be announced shortly!

Check out the incredible new animated video for “Sonido Total” on   The Pinker Tones Myspace page: