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World Music CD Reviews North American


By Stacy Meyn

Silver Wave

Many Blessings is another contemporary Native American sampler produced by James Marienthal for the Silver Wave imprint, showcasing pick tracks from its arsenal of Grammy- and NAMMY-winners and nominees. Chanteuses Mary Youngblood and Joanne Shenandoah offer several songs with featured guests, including guest appearances on each other's albums. Robert Mirabal shows off his skills with vocals, flutes, ocarina and percussion. Vocalist Lawrence Laughing offers traditional chant while flutist/guitarist/keyboardist/percussionist Alice Gomez offers multi-instrumentation. zampona (double pan flute) performer Tito La Rosa enthralls with Youngblood helping out on dual chamber flute. Acclaimed duo Peter Kater (piano, synthesizer) and R. Carlos Nakai (vocals, flutes, eagle bone whistle) bring it to a close with the aptly-entitled "When Worlds Collide." Many Blessings is well-named, and its inclusion of so many top Native American artists makes it a solid compilation both for listeners getting started with Native American music, and for longtime fans who dread burning that "car collection" from their massive CD piles.