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Yo Yo Mundi
February 5, 2006 - February 20, 2006


Italian post folk rockers Yo Yo Mundi will be kickstarting their tour from the Barbican Cinema in London on the 5th of February with their soundtrack to “Strike”, the Russian Cinema classic by Eisenstein. Sciopero is the Italian word for Strike and the chosen title of Yo Yo Mundi's live musical accompaniment to Sergei Eisenstein's debut film, featuring historic experiments in the art of montage. Following the London date the 6 piece band will also be playing in Sheffield, Edinburgh, Manchester and close the tour with an Ireland debut in Dublin.
These are the dates and places of the tour:
Sunday 05.02.2006 - London, Barbican Centre.
Monday 06.02.2006 - Petersfield, The Studio TPS.
Tuesday 07.02.2006 - Dartington, The Barn.
Wednesday 08.02.2006 - Norwich, NAC Norwich Arts Centre.
Thursday 09.02.2006 - Chichester, University - The Showroom.
Friday 10.02.2006 - Sheffield, Showroom.
Saturday 11.02.2006 - Edinburgh, Filmhouse.
Sunday 12.02.2006 - Manchester, Cornerhouse.
Sunday 20.02.2006 – Dublin, Sugar Club
Eisenstein used editing to juxtapose apparently unrelated images to create rapid and dynamic shifts in rhythm, unconsciously giving musicians an ideal basis from which to interact with the moving image. Yo Yo Mundi create an all round musical and visual atmosphere, with their guitars swinging from ethereal to punk rock and their gorgeous, swirly accordion sounds along with tinkling percussion. Waltz-time keyboard tunes and pounding folk-rock complete the opera, placing the band at the apex among the Italian masters of silent film soundtracks.
Strike is set in Russia in 1912, a factory worker, unrightfully accused of stealing, commits suicide inside the factory. His comrades soon find out the reasons behind his desperate action and they decide to organize a strike. A vast and organized secret service intelligence immediately informs the management who decide to end the protests. On one side workers strike to claim better working conditions; while on the other side the management resist and attempt to expose the workers' weakest links. In the meantime the prolonged strike is causing families to starve. Provocation begins: during a march a bunch of crooks, supported by the police and the management, set fire to the warehouse where alcohol is stored. The fire brigade, alerted by an heroic worker who manages to call for help, arrives at the place only to turn their water pumps against the crowd to disperse them. The civil protest is broken up by the police on horses, firing and charging the crowd: neither women nor children are spared. It ends in complete failure for the strikers who, in desperation, try to run away with their families, but are chased by the soldiers of the czar. The wild firing of the army completes the slaughter.
Strike (Stachka), USSR 1925, 82 min. Dir. Sergei M. Eisenstein
Sciopero is distributed in the UK by Discovery Records. A luxurious digipack CD contains both studio and live recordings and is accompanied by extensive liner notes describing the project. It's a unique instrumental work, in 19 sections, rich in acoustic subtlety and sudden electric intensity.
Tour details
Sunday 05 february - London, Barbican Centre (Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS) - Box Office Number +44 (0) 845 120 7531 / 120 7550, ticket prices: £7.50/6.50 full, £6.00/5.00 concs. Performance: 3.00 pm - 15.00.

Monday 06 february - Petersfield, The Studio TPS (Cranford Road, Petersfield GU32 3LU) - Box Office Number +44 (0) 1243 781 312 / 774 641, ticket prices: £10.00 full, £5.00 concs\students. Performance: 7.30 pm - 19.30.

Tuesday 07 february - Dartington, The Barn (Dartington Hall Totnes Devon TQ9 6DE) www.dartingtonar