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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Jill Ettinger
Published January 24, 2006

Boro Song
FM Groove

Argentinean/American Solade’s debut album Boro Song calls on her many influences, from Afrobeat to standard jazz, as well as her life growing up in the Marshall Islands. Impressively self-sufficient, Solade (born Andrea Lindborg) writes, sings both lead and backing vocals, and plays her own trumpet and flugelhorn. Musician and executive producer Francis Mbappe accompanies on bass, guitar and percussion. The record is extremely light, almost overly so at times (“Pull On Me”). And even though it’s often reminiscent of an island-inspired Norah Jones (“Ocean Lullaby,” “Dealin’ With”) with a sensual Argentinean feel (“What It Is”), the softness is more often than not verging on sleepy. Showing the greatest potential, “Heavy Sweet” is the climax of the album. It has a strong, urban New York City feel (the album was recorded right in the heart of Noho). Soft keyboards by Ray Angry and Solade’s sultry harmony vocals and finger snapping keep it flowing. “Boundaries” is bold, but unlike the rest of the record, just doesn’t hold up very well, save the bouncy trumpet work by Solade.