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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Derek Beres
Published January 24, 2006

See You In A Minute: Memories Of Don Cherry
Country & Eastern

As the title makes obvious, the latest record by the trio of Benot Berger, Jonas Knutsson and Christian Spering delves into the music of free jazz trumpeter Don Cherry. Known as one of the first “world” jazz musicians, former Ornette Coleman collaborator Cherry proudly canvassed Africa, the Middle East, India and more in his open-minded musical excursions. In hopes of keeping Cherry’s spirit alive, BNS invited the trumpeter’s children, Neneh and Eagle-Eye, both of whom have found success on popular radio, to participate in the recordings. The title track is a mind-boggling 32-minute journey, reminiscent of Cherry’s own album-side-long epics. It’s followed by eight shorter compositions. They’ve done a great job interpreting the bluesy “Clicky Clack” with Eagle-Eye, and “Ganesh,” an ode to one of India’s most popular deities, features Neneh crooning. The brother/sister punch returns on a rather trite “Dina Kana Gina,” though, and it’s not the only lite jazz fumble. “Moki’s Saxophone” slumps lifelessly in the adult contemporary section. Still, there’s enough integrity and style on this disc to properly honor one of the 20th century’s fiercest freethinkers.