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'Geldof In Africa' 2-DVD Set to be Released
Published December 26, 2005

The six original 30-minute prgrams, written and presented by Geldofchronicle the culture, history, climate, and political environment of Africa.

Bob Geldof’s interest and dedication to Africa comes full circle, from Live Aid to Live 8, with the January 10 release of a new two-DVD Release, Geldof In Africa. The six original 30-minute programs, documentary essays entirely shot in Africa, are presented by the man who made complex issues easily understandable. Written and presented by Geldofthe programs chronicle the culture, history, climate and political environment of Africa in a celebration of this glorious continent and its vast peoples. Geldof helped a generation to realize the hardships and the beauty that is Africa and called on them for help. This generation answered, and has sprung a movement ever since.