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MTV Chi is Launched to Cater to Chinese-American Young Adults
Published December 7, 2005

MTV Chi will showcase Mandarin rock and pop, Canto-pop, Chinese hip-hop and other genres to a Chinese-American audience.

MTV has launched MTV Chi, a customized MTV channel catering to Chinese-American young adults in the U.S.

The first video aired on the new channel was Jin's "Learn Chinese."

"MTV Chi's mission is to provide millions of Chinese-Americans a totally unique connection to the youth culture of their countries of origin," said spokesperson Nusrat Durrani. "This type of exchange is a reflection of the day to day lives of many young Chinese Americans, and our goal is to have MTV Chi reflect that diverse and unique bi-cultural experience."

Websites for MTV's Chinese audiences throughout Asia will link to

MTV Chi will be a music-centric pop culture destination that will showcase Mandarin rock and pop, Canto-pop, Chinese hip-hop and other genres of music to American audiences. Presented in English by U.S.-based VJs and other guest hosts, MTV Chi will feature original programming including locally created packaging, news and events specifically designed for Chinese-Americans living in the United States, as well as some of the best Mandarin and Cantonese-language programming from the various MTV services in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

MTV Chi will be available nationally via DIRECTV. Further programming information and distribution details will be announced shortly.

MTV Chi will be the second channel launched under the MTV World umbrella, each designed to super-serve ethnic populations in the United States. MTV Desi, serving audiences with roots in the Indian sub-continent, launched July 12, 2005 and is available on the DIRECTV HindiDirectâ„¢ programming package showcasing programming for South-Asian American audiences. An MTV channel aimed at a Korean audience is also planned.