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Kemo the Blaxican

Nacional Records Becomes The First Indie Latin Music Company To Launch E-Label
Published November 30, 2005

With three #1 albums on iTunes and Nacional Records’ label sampler recently hitting #1 on Emusic, the Latin indie record company announces new digital-only subsidiary “Nacionale”

Leading Latin-alternative label Nacional Records has announced the creation of a new digital-only E-label, Nacionale.  The launch of Nacionale comes at a time when Nacional Records has enjoyed unprecedented success for an indie Latin label in the digital world.  Nacional has seen three of its releases hit #1 on iTunes’ Top Latin Albums chart (Andrea Echeverri – ‘Andrea Echeverri’;  Nortec Collective – ‘Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 3’;  and KCRW ‘Sounds Eclectico’).  Nacional also recently saw its compilation of label artists hit #1 overall on Emusic’s Top Albums chart, beating out releases from Coldplay and Ray Charles among others.  “We are particularly excited about Nacional’s new e-label, Nacionale,” says Ray Farrell, VP of Content Acquisition for Emusic.  We have done very well with Nacional Records’ excellent catalog to date.  The Nacionale e-label will bring an array of hard to find Latin artists to the forefront.  We believe that the appeal of Latin alternative music extends to music fans of all cultures, and Emusic is proud to help bring this music to a new audience.”

“At a time when CD sales are dropping, we recognize that Latin Rock, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music are making great strides in the digital arena,” says Josh Norek, Nacional’s VP of Business Affairs & Media Relations.  “We’ve been thrilled to see 15-20% of our album sales take place on iTunes and Emusic alone.  We’re also seeing strong sales with iTunes Europe, with several releases charting on iTunes Spain.”  Label President Tomas Cookman adds “With a nod to the future, we’re in a position to offer digital distribution and marketing to some of our favorite labels and artists, be it a rock label like Pop Art in Argentina or a veteran Hip-Hop MC like Kemo of Delinquent Habits.  Because of the large college and youth audience for our music, we’re seeing extremely fast growth in the digital world from this internet-savvy demographic.” 

Nacional/Nacionale is currently in the final stages of signing many more indie labels and artists. Nacional/Nacionale’s initial E-label signings thus far include:

Pop Art Records (Argentina)
Often hailed as the Argentine answer to Sub Pop, Pop Art remains the leading indie label in Argentina, and boasts an impressive roster of cutting-edge acts. 

La Oreja Bizarro Records (Chile)
A fast-growing indie label in Chile, La Oreja Bizarro is home to an eclectic roster of acts including electronic groovemeisters Bitman & Roban as well as Los Bunkers.

Kemo the Blaxican
Los Angeles-based MC Kemo the Blaxican was frontman of popular Latin Hip-Hop act Delinquent Habits, which sold more than a million units worldwide in the late 90’s on the strength of singles like “Tres Delinquentes” and “The Kind”.  His new solo album ‘Simple Plan’ features the infectious lead-off single “La Receta.”

Reyes del Bajo Mundo
This El Salvador-by-way-of-NYC Hip-Hop crew has been earning a name for itself with strong live performances and the videos for “Donde” and “Nuevo Musicon”, which have seen airplay on MTV-Espanol, Mun2, and SiTV.  The tracks are from their new album ‘Nuevo Musicon.’

Hip Hop Hoodíos
Nacionale is re-releasing the now out-of-print ‘Raza Hoodia’ EP from critically-acclaimed Latino-Jewish urban music collective Hip Hop Hoodios.  Featuring such fan favorites as “Havana Nagilah” and “Ocho Kandelikas”, the EP led to the group’s eventual signing with Jazzheads Records for their follow-up full length album ‘Agua Pa’ La Gente’.  Guests on the EP include members of Jaguares, Orixa, and Los Mocosos.

Popular LA indie band Bayú have made a name for themselves with their multicultural fusion of funk, rock, Brazilian, and Latin influences.  Named by LA New Time