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Cape Town World Cinema Festival
November 11, 2005 - October 20, 2005

This year the CTWCF is bigger than ever before and will showcase over 110 feature films, shorts and documentaries.
Cape Town


CAPE TOWN WORLD CINEMA FESTIVAL and SITHENGI 2005 - Now the pick of major African film Industry and media events!

The 4th Cape Town World Cinema Festival (CTWCF) takes place in and around Cape Town from the 11th to the 20th of November and marks the 10th Anniversary of its business component, the Sithengi Film and TV Market, 15 – 18 November. The CTWCF is the only film & television event of its kind in Africa.

This year the CTWCF is bigger than ever before and will showcase over 110 feature films, shorts and documentaries and will be screened at a variety of venues from Artscape Theatre Centre, Cinema Nouveau, V&A Waterfront; V&A Amphitheatre and the Labia Theatre on Orange to Cinemax in Mitchell's Plain, the Kismet in Athlone and the FAWU Hall in Gugulethu and the Zolani Multi-purpose Hall in Nyanga.

‘The 2005 Festival will be completely different to last year,' says CEO & Festival Director Michael Auret. ‘It is my objective to increase audience participation in the Festival and grow audiences for film. For instance we have included Leon Schuster's latest slapstick comedy Mama Jack. If by doing this more people look at the programme and go to other films, then we will have achieved something."

This year's festival will cater for the entire international spectrum of taste and culture that is encapsulated in Cape Town. Latest films by iconic directors such as Lars von Trier, Ousmane Sembene, Wong Kar-Wai and David Cronenberg complement an African Retrospective to mark the 10th anniversary of the Sithengi Film & TV Market as well as 50 years of African Cinema. But there is even more, with focuses on Cuba and also Argentina. South African highlights include Gavin Hood's Tsotsi, Khalo Matabane's "Conversations of a Sunday Afternoon", Francois Verster's "My Mothers House"  and Anant Singh's much anticipated Faith's Corner.

And, says Michael Auret, the bright lights, fashion and spectacle will be in full swing too! ‘The bling and glamour of the Oscars is reflected in the 2 daily Red Carpet Screenings of the movies that are in contention for the Annual Awards. These are held at 18h00 and 20h00 at Artscape and, yes there actually is a red carpet, and flashing cameras and screaming fans! This culminates in the Gala Awards night on the 19th of November. So, if high-fashion and celebrity is your thing, Artscape is where you want to be on the evenings of the 12th to the 20th November, except 19th (Awards Night by invite only).

Auret says Cape Town will emulate the traditions of the Cannes Film Festival and the FESPACO Film Festival in Ouagadougou, the oldest film festival in Africa, in not only honouring the best from Africa but also the whole world. Indeed the wide range of films will include movies from Angola, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Japan, China, even Vietnam, and many more.
Equally exciting is the 10th anniversary incarnation of the Sithengi Film and Television Market, the business component that runs concurrent to the CTWCF. Once again top international co-producers, film financiers and sale agents will participate with their local counterparts and interface with aspiring young producers and new talent. This is where the buying and selling of movies, pitching of ideas for funding, workshops and master classes are the focus. This is where producers, directors, broadcasters, distributors and actors come from all over the world to network and make deals.

The list of high profile participants in this year's Sithengi Film Market is phenomenal. Visiting the Conference Programme, Feature Film Co-Production Forum (FFCF) and Documentary Co-Production Forum (DCF) will, amongst many others be Joy Wong - Head of International Sales, The Works TSC Ltd, UK; Hal Sadoff - Head of International and Independent Film, International Creative Management Inc., USA and Zola Mashariki - Director of Production, Fox Searchlight Pictures, the independent arm