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Shaman's Dream

By Stacy Meyn
Published October 28, 2005

Kerala Dream
Sounds True M922D

For nearly a decade, Krishna Das percussionist Craig Kohland has shepherded Shaman’s Dream for the L.A. yoga scene’s "Zen Dancing" projects. After four CDs, Kohland cruised over to India’s Kerala state with renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea to absorb the local kirtan (folk music) and record much of the source material for Shaman Dream’s latest disc. Partnering again with fellow percussionist/composer Rara Avis (a name meaning “rare or unique person or thing”), Kohland traveled some more to scoop up “Maldive ocean waves” and “Amazonian birds, frogs, and crickets” to endow the environmental sparkle to Kerala Dream. Shaman’s Dream has always been about glorifying tribal music, this time with the East Indian sources spun American urban downtempo. Guest performers add vocals, drones, various pads, violin and sitar to the eight tracks entitled in the yoga realm: “Invocation To Water,” “Durga Shakti,” “Guru Brahma,” “Shiva's Flute” and more. Kerala Dream is dedicated to the 2004 tsunami victims.