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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


By Judson Kilpatrick
Published October 28, 2005

Da Real Live Thing

Forget the music for a moment. Da real prize in this package is the live DVD.  Sizzla didn’t become famous just from the three to five albums he releases each year. He made his name with his fiery performances. Onstage, Sizzla combines the crowd-pleasing charisma of Bono with the explosive energy of a young James Brown as he roars through thrilling versions of hits like “Just One Of Those Days,” “Solid As A Rock” and “Thank U Mama.” Recorded before an enormous audience in Miami’s Bayfront Park, this is one of the best reggae concert videos available. The accompanying CD is a slightly “enhanced” reissue of Da Real Thing, easily one of Sizzla’s greatest. It includes the hits listed above along with the classics “Simplicity,” “Trod Mt. Zion,” “Bless Up” and “Mash Dem Down.” As a bonus, there are two new songs and an acoustic “Just One Of Those Days,” but those who already own Da Real Thing will be buying this for the DVD. For any dancehall fan who doesn’t have the album, this set is absolutely essential.