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Dancehall’s Bounty Killer Mashes it Up with Indie Rock’s Program The Dead on Remix
Published October 25, 2005

Cross-cultural cut drops on two CD releases; live performance debut coming soon

Shortly after Bounty Killer performed for over 50,000 people at a Jamaican reggae festival, he popped into a studio to mashup an original dancehall riff using rock misfits’ Program The Dead’s cut “Maybe It’s All True,” culled from their Low Altitude Records eponymous debut CD. The remix is produced by Daseca, who also co-wrote and produced the current Billboard Hot 100 #13 hit by Sean Paul, “We Be Burnin’.” While the track was completed too late for inclusion on Program the Dead’s own album, 1000 White Label copies were distributed to DJs and radio stations worldwide, including those in Japan, Western Europe, Jamaica and Africa. In addition, the remix will be available on the Program the Dead website for people to hear it there.

The mashup did end up on another new CD—a just-released mixtape from Bounty Killer's own DJ, Selector RonDon, called VOCAL/SINGING REGGAE VOL. #  17, where the Killer and Program the Dead track is among reggae superstar mixes from Anthony B, Damian Marley and Morgan Heritage.

"Jamaica's national motto is 'Out of Many One People,' so mixing cultures and ideas is something I thrive on as a Jamaican,” explains Bounty Killer. “Program The Dead are a very talented group that are destined for big tings for sure. Their tracks are very melodic and well constructed and we could even spot the Jamaican influence on a couple
of their tracks which certainly helped me feel the collabo more. The lead singer's vocal (Matt Koruba) has a very different texture and delivery from mine; the contrast works so well on the song we've done.”

According to Killer, working with Program the Dead and fusing the two different musical styles was “a great pleasure,” one he felt was an extension of his previous recording experience with the band No Doubt. Next on the agenda for both Bounty Killer and Program The Dead: thrashing out the collaboration on stage.

“It would be nice to perform with them in the US as well as in Jamaica,” says Killer.

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