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World Music Concerts & Festivals

Nitin Sawhney featuring Aref Durvesh
October 29, 2005

As part of the 'Fused Rocking Beats Album Tour' Shaanti are proud to present Nitin Sawhney feat. Aref Durvesh and special guests on Friday, 28 October at the Medicine Bar in Birmingham and on Saturday, 29  October at Cargo in London.

Anyone who had taken more than just a passing interest in global music in the last few years would be in the possession of at least a handful of albums and 12’s that have the name Nitin Sawhney, the global producer, musician, and dance music prodigy on it.

Having produced a staggering number of albums under a variety of multiplicity including ‘Human’ and most recently ‘Philtre,’ his music has been at the centerpiece of most A-list of DJ sets. Recognised as one of the world’s greatest exponents of his profession, his name easily ranking - alongside those of his influences - has meant that he is a major draw-card on line-up’s the world over.

On the night Nitin Sawhney will be performing a very special semi-acoustic set which brings music to life in to club arena, with Sawhney blending seriously heavy beats with live instrumentation and percussions live on-stage. He begins the set with a few electrifying live performances with band member and tabla virtuoso Aref Durvesh, before dropping you into a melting pot of Latin and Brazilian rhythms, breaks, and Asian drum-n-bass alongside special guests.

He will also be joined by Shaanti residents; Rich Reason, DJ Birju, DJ Rup and Manga from Galaxy and percussionist-drummer FRATTS (Cargo only).

Tickets for the events are available from Ticketweb on or 08700 600 100 and regional outlets, or for further information on all tour dates please call 0208 460 6000 or log onto


Fused Rocking Beats Vol. 1 will be released on Monday, October 31 via Shaanti Play Records nationwide.