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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Phillip Van Vleck
Published September 13, 2005

World Music Network

The visionary composer and bandoneon master Astor Piazzolla virtually re-imagined the tango during his controversial career. Piazzolla passed away about 14 years ago, and many of his contemporaries are gone as well. Who has taken up the cause celebre of the Argentinean tango neuvo? This Rough Guide CD devotes 19 tracks to providing the answer to that query, and the stylistic range displayed by these artists is dramatic, to put it mildly. Patricia Andrade and Orquesta el Arranque, for instance, very clearly echo the musical flair of Piazzolla and the Quinteto Nuevo Tango, while virtuoso guitarist Juanjo Dominguez reclaims some of the tango turf for his instrument on "Faseando." The passionate, forceful voice of tanguera Sandra Luna, heard here on "Lejana Tierra Mia," is an absolute highlight of the album and a quick lesson in how to sing tango. Also note the jazzy tango of "Decarisimo," by the Adrian Iaies Cuarteto. Based on this excellent Rough Guide compilation, the tango neuvo of 2004 appears to be thriving.