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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Maximo Zeladon
Published September 13, 2005

Union Square Music

This wonderful double CD collection comes with 27 songs from the current surge of international Latin artists who have transformed classical Latin rhythms by mixing ska, house, reggae, flamenco, jazz and banda music. Compiled by U.K.-based DJ Gerry Lyseight, Nu Latin is notable for its varied selections and the impressive list of stars featured in the assemblage. Omara Portuondo, Orishas, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Susana Baca, Africando, Alex Wilson, Delinquent Habits and the legendary Ibrahim Ferrer are just some of the artists who appear on the tracks. You'll find a little of everything, including salsa from Scotland, Salsa Celtica, who prove bagpipes belong on the dancefloor. On disc one, "300 Kilos" by Orishas featuring Yuri Buenaventura; and "Mueve La Cintura Mulata" by Omara Portuondo are magnificent. Disc two: "Hay Que Entrale A Palos Ese" by Ibrahim Ferrer, "Me Dieron La Clave" by Sonsublime and "Fouta Toora" by Africando featuring Medoune Diallo have that timeless quality that only exists to seduce your soul.