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Robert Plant to Headline Opening Celebration at WOMEX
Published September 30, 2005

The former led Zeppelin singer and tireless world music booster will also speak at a conference during the annual world music event.

As a contributor and participant in the growth of awareness in world music, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame will headline the opening celebration of WOMEX 2005! The rock star is known for his interest in world and especially West African music and will perform with the Strange Sensation on Wednesday, October, 26, 2005. Later during WOMEX he will explore as conference speaker a rock musician's way into world music. The events take place in Newcastle Gateshead, U.K.

Plant is best known for two things: as front man of seminal rock band Led Zeppelin,and as an ambassador for world music. In his band Strange Sensation, whose album Mighty Rearranger and tours this year of Europe and North America have met with huge acclaim, his past and present interests and influences come together in what he calls a "collision" of genres and "our own unholy liaison."

From the earliest days of Led Zeppelin, Plant drew on the connection between the roots blues he grew up loving, and the desert music of North and West Africa. Now the connection is more obvious, a fresh take on African desert groove music meets good ol´ rock´n´ roll. We are delighted and honoured that one of the major figures of British popular music of the last twenty years wanted to offer a special set as part of this opening event, to welcome delegates and musicians from around the world to the UK.