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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Stacy Meyn
Published September 28, 2005

Lost In A Moment
Six Degrees 657036 11122

Shrift is vocalist Nina Miranda (Bebel Gilberto, Jah Wobble, Smoke City, Nitin Sawhney, DaLata, more) and producer Dennis Wheatley (Atlas), who holed up in various parts of London for some low-tech recording. Miranda’s formative years were spent in Britain and Brazil, and she is equally comfortable crooning in English, Portuguese, and French, which she does. Wheatley worships ‘70s wokka-chikka soundtracks and twiddles knobs with the best of the “texturalists”, imbuing Lost In A Moment with a warm and classy intrigue. Two versions of the title track bookend the album: an elegant, swooshy, mellow-party-style opener with a bossa nova, drums of Brazil fueled closer. In between, the somber “Blue” reached ears previously on a Six Degrees compilation. “Floating City” plays with complex rhythm and oodles of samples. Miranda’s fellow former bandmate Chris Franck (Smoke City, Da Lata) folds in acoustic guitar and percussion to the mix of choruses and cello for “Yes I Love You.” Then Miranda’s cooing rides the breakbeat then dub wave on “To The Floor.” The reigning theme is about people and places “lost,” but Shrift know exactly where they are.