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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Tom Pryor

Complete & LIVE (L.A./04)

Mexico City anarchist collective Los De Abajo made a bit of a stir on both sides of the border with 2002’s Cybertropic Chilango Power, an inspired mashup of punk, funk, ska, salsa and Mexican folkloric sounds that suggested what Crass or Chumbawumba or even the Mekons would have sounded like had they been from the D.F. instead of the U.K. But to really understand what Los de Abajo is all about, one needs to see them live, where they perfectly replicate all the chaos and beauty of their hometown, a feat they’ve honed with seven long years of international touring. This two disc-live set from Kufala Records, “the leader in authorized bootlegs,” captures Los De Abajo in all their messy glory. From the opening “Sr. Judas” through to such favorites as “Joder,” “El Indio” and “Nada” the band serves it up hot, sweaty and funky; while lead singer Liber Teran puts the both band and audience through their paces, reminding everyone involved that there’s nothing quite like live rock and roll.