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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Robert Kaye
Published September 23, 2005

Edge Music

The alluring Brazilian vocalist/guitarist Badi Assad (Bah-Jee Ah-Sahje) delves deep into her intuitive sense of jazz, classical, pop and rock—not to mention her command of many traditional and contemporary Brazilian styles—to create a singularly captivating album.   Her first recording in six years features both alluring original compositions as well creative covers of U2’s “One” and Björk’s “Bachelorette.” The younger sister of the renowned guitar duo Sergio and Odair Assad, Badi has again proven she is a remarkable talent in her own right. While the album traverses numerous emotions, from upbeat, rocky sambas such as “Não adianta” to exquisite lullabies as in “Valse d’Amélie,” it always maintains a sense of intimacy. Not necessarily physical, although Assad’s luscious vocals, either in Portuguese or English, are certainly capable of endocrine excitation.  It’s that her singing, guitar-playing, and vocal percussive tones are all marvelous expressions of her beautiful heart. Of particular note are some of the unique arrangements, combining folkloric and orchestral elements within  the same song.  Verde should be savored and cultivated; likewise Assad deserves even more recognition for her artistry and songcraft.