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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


By Derek Beres
Published September 23, 2005

Endangered Species

If the world can't go to Brooklyn, the borough covers the world on Endangered Species. Six years deep in his infamous Turntables on the Hudson parties, DJ/producer Nickodemus applies the gritty earth tones of pavementand industry to an uplifting landscape of African, Latin, Balkan and Arabicvibes. The key is the warm bass tones he summons from the depths of hisdigital soul, adding layer upon layer of sonic depth. Si*Se’s Carol C. appears on the now-classic “Cleopatra In New York” while local hip-hoppers Real Live Show cut it raw with “Funky In The Middle.” Radio Mundial vocalist Jean Shepherd helps Nick pass the “Peace Pipe,” backed by his magnificent cuatro playing, and the album closes with a gorgeous vocal performance byAndrea Monteiro on the wide-eyed “Mystery Of Life.” The eight-minute Balkan-inspired “Crazy Stranger” takes a deadly percussive loop and knots itaround, up and down and inside you, the place where Nickodemus dwells most.