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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


By Judson Kilpatrick
Published September 23, 2005

Talking Revolution
Pressure Sounds

At the 1978 One Love One Peace Concert, where Bob Marley famously invited Prime Minister Michael Manley to shake hands with his longtime foe Edward Seaga, reggae’s most militant superstar gave an incendiary performance that included “Legalize It,” “Get Up, Stand Up,” “400 Years,” “Equal Rights,” plus several defiant speeches attacking the powerful politicians sitting right in front of him, as well as the police officers standing all around. This version of that landmark stadium show is missing the stage announcements and band introductions that are tacked onto the end of the JAD/KOCH release (and there is no noticeable difference in sound quality), but there is a bonus acoustic CD that easily trumps that minor omission. Recorded by Tosh alone in the studio with his guitar, this second set includes solemn, intimate versions of hits and rarities, plus Tosh talking about the “Half Way Tree Incident,” in which he was severely beaten by plainclothes policemen a few months after the concert. There are certainly lots of better-sounding live reggae recordings available, but none are more important than this one.