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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Rob Weir
Published September 23, 2005

The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly

The cover art of Kate Rusby’s latest album comes from former Blur guitarist Graham Coxson and she croons “No Names” as a duet with Idlewild’s Roddy Woomble. Kate Rusby as a punk princess!? Fear not; the queen of calm hasn’t exchanged crowns.  The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly is Rusby’s latest glorification of simple things done well. It does feature seven original songs, but Rusby’s compositions have the same timeless qualities as material drawn from the public domain. Appropriately, one of her “new” songs is titled “A Ballad,” and is true to tradition right down to its tragic end. The one true departure on this album is a torchy cover of the 1950s standard “You Belong To Me.” Rusby remains an old-fashioned gal and we listeners are all the richer for it.