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World Music CD Reviews Celtic & Irish


By James Rodgers
Published September 23, 2005

Radical Mestizo

With their intricate arrangements, fever pitch playing and blending of Celtic with rock, psychedelia, world music, electronica and found sounds, it would be easy to think that Shooglenifty is more of a studio band. But anyone who has ever caught them live during their constant touring knows this is a band that enjoys, and even thrives, playing live. So it’s not surprising that they have released Radical Mestizo, their second live album in less than a decade. While many bands use live recordings as a stopgap between studio releases, Shooglenifty songs grow and morph, becoming sometimes entirely new pieces.  Live, they are a blistering jam band, letting the songs move wherever they want to go that night. The 10 instrumentals are culled from a variety of shows from around the world, and instead of sounding patched, they come together as one heck of a concert. The six members of Shooglenifty (Malcolm Crosbie, Garry Finlayson, Angus R. Grant, Luke Plumb, Quee MacArthur and James Mackintosh) gel into one, making their incredible abilities seem effortless. Shooglenifty keeps taking Celtic music in fun, new directions and inviting us along.