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World Music CD Reviews North American


By Rob Weir
Published September 22, 2005

Les amants du Saint-Laurent

Cajun music has the reputation for being good-time music, but when it comes to pure joie de vivre, it’s hard to top Quebecois music. And of all the bands from La Belle Province, the award-winning Le Vent du Nord excites from head to toe. Especially toe.  Accordionist Benoit Bourque and fiddler/guitarist Oliver Demers are world beat for the feet, and when Nicolas Boulerice puts down his hurdy gurdy and picks up the bodhran, Le Vent du Nord is a percussive powerhouse. The smoothness of Simon Beaudry’s lead vocals is rivaled only by the simpatico synchronicity of group efforts on the numerous call-and-response songs. Whether the quartet is updating a love song (“Les amants du Saint-Laurent”), infusing their music with Irish-style instrumentation (“Le reel du quatriéme”) or singing an amusing traditional piece (“Cré Mardi”), Le Vent du Nord will get your feet tapping and your blood moving. No sophomore slump here; their first album won a Juno and this one is even better.