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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By James Rodgers
Published September 22, 2005


There are plenty of world music compilations available and many companies creating them, but the leader in number and quality is Putumayo. Understanding the inherent limitations of compilations of world music, Putumayo picks a style or topic and uses the 12 tracks to create an aural gateway, introducing and enticing the listener into delving deeper into an artist or genre they enjoy. The full booklets give plenty of detail about each musician and the music they play. The new release, Italian Café, provides a dozen contemporary and classic tracks that present the atmosphere of a relaxed, kind of hip, cool, yet slightly cheesy café. This is not the chart-topping music of Italy. This is not what’s playing in the clubs or even what’s playing in most cafes. But if you were relaxing at a curbside table with a cup of coffee and a light dessert, this might be what you’d hear.  Fred Buscaglione, Giorgio Conte, Daniele Silvestri and eight more artists will have you bobbing your head and dreaming of another evening in Milan, which is way cheaper than a plane ticket.