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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By Jill Ettinger
Published September 22, 2005


Don’t we all just love Italy for so many wonderful things? There’s the Pope, for one; pizza, definitely; Lamborghinis, of course; Michelangelo…the list goes on. Now we’ve just one more reason to love Italy, well, actually 13.  Casa Italia is a beautiful collection of Italy’s modern sounds carefully selected by producer Matteo Silva. Thirteen tracks in all comprise this warm collection on Casa Italia. Opening the tour like a sunny Italian summer morning is the high-energy “Accussi” by Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare. Roberto Murolo’s lovely “L’Italia e bbella” is a sonic ambassador, like a tour of the countryside, leaving no part of this magical and historical land unheard. Italians make music like many of their other beloved art forms: with great care and indulgence (“Ninna nanna,” “Radio”). Though the styles heard on Casa Italia vary, all are modern offerings with an emphasis that is refreshingly new, yet distinctly Italian. Faraualla’s track “Masciare Witch Mix” is a stellar piece with haunting gypsy-like melodies. Daniele Sepe’s contribution closes the tour out with an intense “Tarantella,” the classic Italian spider dance of folklore.