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World Music Festivals

Daniel Pearl Music Days
October 1, 2005 - October 10, 2005

A series of concerts honors the late Daniel Pearl, Wall Street journal reporter who was kidnapped and executed by terrorists in Pakistan.

Daniel Pearl Music Days is an International network of events connected by their dedication of their performance of a song, concert, or rehearsal  between October 1-10, 2005 to "Harmony for Humanity."

Most events are pre-existing in which professional or amateur musicians or the organizers make a declaration from stage or in their written program to the principles by which Daniel Pearl lived....tolerance, diversity and an understanding of the power of music to bridge differences. 

Events that are arranged specifically for Music Days often further develop the theme with dialogue and discussions toward resolving our cultural differences and remembering the spirit of Danny.

Harmony for Humanity e-Stage features a collection of submitted poems and music -- to be played during the month of October on our Internet Radio station and through a web-based presentation of poems, articles, and stories -- inspired by Daniel Pearl and the theme of "Harmony for Humanity."

Daniel Pearl - the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in 2002 in Pakistan - was a classically trained violinist, an avid fiddler and a mandolin player who used his passion for music to form friendships across cultural and verbal divides. Danny lived a life that knew no geographical boundaries, with a spirit that knew no prejudice. He joined musical groups in every community in which he lived, leaving behind a long trail of musician-friends around the globe.  Every year around his October 10th birthday, musicians around the world reach out in friendship to join in “Harmony for Humanity.”  For more information, visit