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Tom and Joy

Tom and Joy's Antigua to be Released October 18
Published September 15, 2005

The Parisian bossa nova duo grooves gently, sweetly through the tropics.

Yellow Productions/Tommy Boy will release Antigua, by the Parisian duo Tom (Thomas NaimO and Joy (Joyce Hozé-Liwer), on October 18th. Slip in Antigua and be immersed in a beautifully fragrant cocktail­equal parts bossa nova, afrobeat, and jazz with a splash of French chanson. The duo, accompanied by a band of five musicians (drummer, bassist, keyboardist, sax player and trumpeter) have delivered a sophisticated, multi-lingual (French, Portuguese, Spanish, English) album of songs which evoke soothing, welcome images of balmy beaches, Parisian cafes, and breezy summer Sunday afternoons zipping around town on a scooter.

Antigua opens—and appropriately sets the mood—with the intoxicatingly sweet "Meditation," originally written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and later adapted and sung by Claudine Longet in the late Sixites. Moving on to the Portuguese "Imagina," the album begins to unfold, revealing one subtly exotic song after the next.

The title song, "Antigua" features legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen (formerly of Fela), just one of many African musicians on the Parisian scene. (A remix by Bob Sinclar can be heard on the previously released Yellow/Tommy Boy CD, Africanism III by the Africanism Allstars.) Afro-rhythms also surface in "Jamaica" and "Kadia." "Be Mine," "Out of My Mind" hover between jazz and pop funk while the duo's love for the heaven that is unfettered bossa nova is frankly in evidence on "Esquiesse," "Celibridade," and "Lluvia"—a song written and sung in Spanish which could be the perfect ending to any Pedro Almodovar film.

"Antigua" is the third album to be released via the Yellow Productions Recording (France)/Tommy Boy Entertainment (NYC) deal. Previously released are Africanism III by the Africanism Allstars and the radiant Brasil by Salomé de Bahia. Yellow Productions is owned by Parisian jet-set DJ and producer Bob Sinclar.