Ever wonder how your coolest friend—the one who’s always the first to know about a great new band or obscure foreign filmmaker the cultured one who can hold his own in conversation about any corner of the world, whether or not he’s ever been there the one who seems to know a little about absolutely everything—got that way?  Snoop around his apartment and you’re sure to come across a copy of Global Rhythm, a music and lifestyle magazine featuring coverage of world music, film, cuisine and travel.  Published monthly and circulated across North America, Europe and hundreds of other locations worldwide, New York-based Global Rhythm is a vital source of music and arts news and reviews for a worldly and sophisticated consumer niche.

The reason for Global Rhythm’s popularity with world music’s well-educated, high income-earning, yet criminally under-served fan base is not lost on founder and publisher Alecia Cohen, “Despite the high level of consumer interest in world music and dozens of record labels catering to these customers, there are still surprisingly few media outlets—print, radio or television—dedicated to covering the genre.”  Global Rhythm has come to fill in this gaping void for over 120,000 readers worldwide by providing them with rare perspectives on the arts and entertainment projects they care about.

Ever since its beginning, Global Rhythm’s mission was obvious: to provide its readership with information on the arts traditions of the world’s many cultures.  Each issue is chock-full of music and film reviews and exotic travel ideas, keeping readers hip to new trends and old customs alike.  A typical issue may feature articles on subjects as varied and fascinating as Uganda’s Jewish community, Mayan cuisine, Scandinavia’s blossoming music scene and Bollywood’s latest filmic masterpiece.